Is Trump a Big Bad Bully?

I admit that Donald Trump is not perfect.  Tyrants and populists such as Cuba's Castro, Venezeula's Maduro in our neighborhood, and Iran's Khamenei, and even some of our European allies, call President Trump the Big, Bad Bully.  In a way, to be name-called by these people is a compliment.  But when those who owe their lives to America call America a "bully," a phrase that vilifies, a response is in order, since remaining silent is often taken as a concession to such accusations. Our trans-Atlantic "friends" have been vilifying our president simply because he wants to "Make America Great Again."  If our so-called "friends" make fun of us, then it is understandable that a whole slew of our ill-wishers trip over one another to follow suit.  European Union (E.U.) nations never seem to miss an opportunity to berate and betray us.  We know that the Russians and the Chinese...(Read Full Article)