Internet Giants: Not as Smart as They Think They Are

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other large internet companies have taken it upon themselves to censor and block content they find offensive.  Unfortunately for some of us, they seem to find that any thought that might be described as conservative falls within this offensive category, but their actions are dangerous regardless of political leanings. They each have their own methods of doing so, but they are trying their best to control what the public hears and sees and thereby shape what is thought.  Obviously, newspapers and other media have been doing somewhat similar things for ages, but these present attempts are of a different magnitude. Never before has any media company had this level and control of "share of mind" over billions of people.  Google and Facebook and their subsidiaries (WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) control around 75% of all internet traffic and almost all advertising.  Over half of the entire world, four...(Read Full Article)