CNN Takes the Bait on Diversity

CNN, famous for fake news, focuses their 24-7 news cycle on anything damaging to President Trump, even if they have to provoke it or make it up. Their low television ratings reflect the lack of public interest in their incessant Trump bashing. In late June, “In primetime, CNN lost to HGTV, Investigation Discovery, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the Food Network.” When CNN is not Trump bashing, they are virtue signaling to fellow leftists. Causes near and dear to CNN include global warming, gun control, and diversity. When they are on top of their game, CNN makes a link between these causes and President Trump. So Omarosa Manigault Newman’s book release, serial audio recordings and Trump bashing publicity tour was irresistible bait (as the canny former reality television villainess / protégé of Donald Trump knew it would be): White House diversity is front and center stage for CNN.    Erin Burnett, CNN host, begins a...(Read Full Article)