Chariots of Death and Indecision

The collective eco-political swoon over the concept of electric cars and their self-driving capabilities is hitting a few unnerving speed bumps on the way to the promised land of an accident-free and nonpolluting transportation nirvana.  Replacing the human intelligence, or lack thereof, behind the steering wheel will be a system of sensors conveying a myriad of bits and bytes to an all-wise on- board computer.  The output of this never tiring, never distracted, never emotional silicon brain is to provide society with a multitude of benefits which are said to include fewer accidents and fewer traffic jams.  Your silicon chauffer comes endowed with artificial intelligence (AI), a term which raises concerns for me (must be a luddite). Why does it have to be artificial intelligence?  Such a term evokes an immediate distrust of not having genuine intelligence at the wheel, a situation not unknown to parents of teenage drivers. I would rather that nothing...(Read Full Article)