Britain Confronts the Problem of Sharia Law

I get along without you very well, of course I do might have been the song of a Muslim woman who had just won a victory in a court case in the British Family Division of the High Court in London on August 1, 2018, when Justice David Williams issued a landmark decision in her favor.  The 46-year-old solicitor, Nasreen Akhter, wanted a divorce from her husband, Mohammed Khan, a successful businessman, whom she married in an Islamic faith ceremony in 1998.  Khan wanted to prevent this, arguing that they were not "legally married" under British law and that they are married by sharia law only. The decision can be seen as the first time a British court recognized sharia law. Justice Williams explained that the union was valid and recognized because the vows in the sharia marriage were similar to those in a British marriage contract.  As a result, Akhter, and women in general married in an Islamic faith ceremony, can get a divorce in a British...(Read Full Article)