Analyzing President Emmanuel Macron

"Blame it on my youth" sounded like the basis for a limited apology by French president Emmanuel Macron when speaking to the joint meeting of the two chambers of the French parliament, held at the Palace of Versailles on July 9, 2018.  On May 14, 2017, the then 39-year-old Macron was elected president of France, the youngest president in French history, with a 62% approval rating.  He told the parliamentarians at Versailles that fear and envy among voters helped him get elected.  "That's why I stand before you, humble, but resolved."  He did not say luck, the withdrawal of his presidential rival, François Fillon, was probably more important. Macron is a man of many qualities, but humility is not one of them.  He had apologized earlier on February 18, 2017, obviously for electoral reasons, to an audience in Toulon for his comment that French history in Algeria was a "crime against...(Read Full Article)