Why Do We Have Courts and Judges?

With the Democrats in full scream over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it's worthwhile to consider just why we have courts and judges. It took a long time to get from Moses appointing faithful men to hear disputes (Exodus 18:16-21) to our modern courts and judges.  Our modern system started in 1178 under Henry II, when the king appointed five members of his household to "hear complaints and do right."  Over time, it became clear that it was necessary to isolate the functions of making law, executing law, and adjudicating disputes under the law.  If the king was able to make law by decree, carry out laws he decreed, and remove judges at will, the king was the law.  He could rule with a quill and a proclamation. Judge Kavanauagh's nomination to Supreme Court announced by President Trump (White House photo). Those three independent functions of government – making, executing, and...(Read Full Article)