The Transgender Mind-Body Split Destroys the Law

Joanne Woodward, actress and wife of actor Paul Newman, played the role of a timid but troubled housewife named Eve White in a celebrated film entitled The Three Faces of Eve (1957). The person of Eve White was divided into three separate personalities, all three of whom reveal themselves to a psychiatrist named Dr. Luther.  To the psychiatrist's amazed puzzlement, Eve the timid housewife is also Eve Black, a personality who is lascivious and promiscuous.  To Luther's continued perplexity, a third, more subdued personality named Jane also appears. Luther attempts through hypnosis and therapy to find the childhood trauma accounting for the three assorted personalities.  He finds that Eve's trinitarian being occurred because as a child, she had been forced to kiss her dead grandmother.  Through hypnosis and therapy, the doctor successfully subordinates the two excess personalities.  Eve White and Eve Black disappear,...(Read Full Article)