The Racist Left

Leftist ideologues live in an alternate universe, a product of their hallucinations of an America that does not exist except in their own demented thinking. The latest manifestation of this delusional perception is Eugene Robinson's opinion piece in the Washington Post on July 5.  Here is some of what he said: Racism is a feature of the Trump administration, not a bug[.] ... We have not seen such overt racism from a president since Woodrow Wilson imposed Jim Crow segregation in Washington and approvingly showed "The Birth of a Nation," director D.W. Griffith's epic celebration of the Ku Klux Klan, at the White House. As an American whose ancestors were African slaves, I hate racism.  Yet I can say without apology, I love President Trump and the direction he has set for our country.  I am convinced that the president and most Americans who voted for him also hate racism. The president can at...(Read Full Article)