The Protestant Work Ethic and the Founding of America

In his book The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1904-05, translated into English in 1930), Max Weber first posited the thesis that the Protestant work ethic has opened the door to prosperity through capitalism for the nations that exhibit it: northern Europe; the U.K.; the United States, and presumably Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  What about other nations not known for this religious element? It can work for them.  In an article titled "The 'Protestant Work Ethic' Really Does Fight Poverty" in Christianity Today, written by Lincoln Lau, director of International Care Ministries, and Bruce Wydick, professor of economics at the University of San Francisco, they summarize a study in this way: Three years ago, IPA asked ICM to run its normal four-month Transform program in 80 randomly selected communities, incorporating its spiritual values program along with...(Read Full Article)