President and the Ersatz Tsar

American politics have borrowed a lot of ideas from sports. Nowadays, everyone has become familiar with certain phrases that we use in everyday life, often without even thinking about their origins.  For example, the phrase "pull no punches" originated in boxing, and the proverbial "drop the ball” came from football.  The well-known rule of "three strikes and you're out" came from baseball.  The latter is the best way to characterize President Trump's attitude toward Vladimir Putin. It seems that leftists in America still cannot forgive Putin for the destruction of the ideals that were nurtured in the West by the Soviet intelligence for decades.  They somehow hoped that Putin would recreate the ideal society from their point of view -- the Soviet Union. However, Putin built not left-wing authoritarianism, but an ersatz emulation of authoritarianism of Tsarist Russia instead. If left-wing authoritarianism was the goal...(Read Full Article)