NeverTrumpers and a 5-4 Vote

June has been quite a month for President Trump. From the North Korea summit to a similar sit-down with Vladimir Putin next month. Four percent economic growth, statistical full employment, and high consumer confidence. A successful round of primary elections. And now the Supreme Court. The Supremes affirmed the President’s travel ban against visitors and immigrants from dangerous countries that have no internal mechanisms for vetting migrants to the U.S. And then came the Janus decision, stating that public employees don’t have to pay money to unions to support political activities, effectively cutting off a major source of Democrat fundraising. Both decisions passed by a slim 5-4 majority, the four liberal justices voting as a block as they almost always do, and Justice Anthony Kennedy providing one of the five majority votes, some say the swing vote. Although one might argue that the Chief Justice could have been the swing vote as he was in the Obamacare decision....(Read Full Article)