Is It Time to Revive the Epithet 'Baby-Killer'?

For the raging left of America, it was just another day, another couple of incidents – one on CNN, one in a San Antonio Whataburger.  In both cases, the person attacked was put on the defensive.  Shocked by the intensity of the assault and the seeming impunity of the attacker, both victims could do little but search vainly for a comeback. It may be time to change strategy, but more on that in a minute. In San Antonio, two teens were peaceably eating burgers and minding their own business at a Whataburger.  As captured on video, 30-year-old Kino Jimenez snatched the MAGA hat off the head of the one teen, grabbed the kid's drink, and threw it in his face. "You ain't support s---, nigga," said Jimenez as he strutted away.  "This is gonna go great in my f------ fireplace, b----."   "All right," yelled the teen, regaining his composure.  "Have fun with it." There...(Read Full Article)