IG Horowitz Overlooks the Improper Consideration Called Hate

One of the most difficult questions forensic psychiatrists and psychologists are asked is to speculate about a defendant's mental condition at the time of the crime of which he is accused.  A defense attorney, often when he knows that his client is going to be convicted, will bring in a forensic psychology expert to render an opinion about prior mental states, particularly motivation, in order to garner mitigation of guilt.  Some motivations seem worse than others, as is reflected in criminal law. Motive is a legal concept.  It is a summary of what the perpetrator had to gain.  Motivation is a complex psychological concept dealing with the drives, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes that may impel (intrinsic motives) or compel (extrinsic motives) an action.  Every major school of psychological theory – neuropsychology, clinical, behavioral, social, and industrial – provide theories to explain an aspect of the murky...(Read Full Article)