How Mitch McConnell Stole the 2016 Congressional Elections

On November 8, 2016, the nation was gripped by the suspense of whether the outsider Donald J. Trump or the favorite Hillary Clinton would win the White House.  At the same time, voters chose their states' congressional representatives, while one third of the states also chose their two senators. While the major television networks held Super Bowl-size coverage, showing maps of all the states, disputed congressional districts, and exit polls trying to narrow down who may win the White House, what the nation did not know, and still does not know, is that Mitch McConnell had his own scheme for running Congress.  While everyone in Washington knew the plan McConnell had, and knew that it was standard procedure in Washington, few voters suspected that when they voted for their member of Congress and the Senate, their vote had no influence on the final result.  They did not know and did not suspect that Senator Mitch McConnell was soon to nullify the...(Read Full Article)