Brett Kavanaugh: The End of Leftists' World

The president's announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his SCOTUS pick means the faux national emergency over children in cages will be exchanged for the even more faux national emergency over "women's health care."  The mobs shrieking last week that this crime of ripping children (metaphorically) from their mothers' arms must end now will become the mobs screaming this week that this wholesale practice of ripping babies (literally) from their mothers' wombs must go on, and go on forever. According to Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, they scream because abortion on demand is "an issue of constitutional and human rights."  Hogue made this lofty claim to an amenable Dana Perino on last week's Fox News Sunday.  Hogue was there to complain that, because Donald Trump is "the first major-party nominee to become president to put a litmus test on a Supreme Court nominee," he has "changed the...(Read Full Article)