Abolish ICE, Abolish America

Universalism is a fundamental pillar of liberal thought.  According to universalist ideology, all human beings, all faiths, and all cultures and societies are equal.  Because all are equal, the goal of wealthy nations must be to raise others to our level, even if this requires sacrifices on our part.  Thus, liberals can never accept a policy of "America First."  Because we are already powerful and wealthy, it must be "America Last," and that's what it was under Obama. Liberals love it when America loses.  Even after 9-11, liberals refused to blame our enemies.  After all, they were poor Middle Easterners who had grown up under Western domination. (Not true, of course.  Bin Laden was the scion of one of Saudi Arabia's richest families.)  I suspect that many liberals cheered as the Twin Towers fell.  America was getting what it deserved – humiliation at the...(Read Full Article)