12 Advances of Civilization by Flawed White American Males

Every time I see another disparagement of American history and American white males, I am poked to compose a list of their accomplishments that put everyone on the left to shame.  The left's contempt for America is total – suggesting that leftists see nothing redeeming in who we are.  This list should be burned into our memory to counter the left's fifty-year slander of American history.  The advances on this list are the result of a unique degree of freedom blended with the Founders' exceptional knowledge of history that created a trickle-down effect in moral influence that no one can match. Read 'em and weep: 1. Flawed white American males founded America, the apex of Western civics that established unmatched liberty, equality, and meritocracy based on service to all the people rather than service to the one percent.  This was their core belief, made far better than anyone ever had, and this experiment has shown the...(Read Full Article)