Why President Trump Ought Not Pardon Muhammad Ali

President Donald Trump, we are told, is thinking "very seriously" about pardoning the late boxing great Muhammad Ali.  While the move may have some useful public relations advantages, it further inflates a mythic balloon that should have been punctured a long time ago. In early 1966, with the conflict in Vietnam escalating, Selective Service lowered the bar to include those whose mental aptitudes were in the 15th percentile or higher.  That meant Ali.  He was not pleased.  He immediately had his attorney apply for a deferment based on the financial hardship it would cause his parents, but the request was turned down.  Ali was reclassified 1-A. The New York Times' Robert Lipsyte was with Ali in Miami when he first heard the news.  "How can they do this to me?" Ali griped.  "I don't want my career ruined."  Throughout the day, meanwhile, his ever present Nation of...(Read Full Article)