Truth, Veritas, and Knowledge of History in the U.S.

Did you say Americans, some adults as well as many snowflakes, have got a lot to learn? Many studies have made us aware of the civic ignorance, and the historical amnesia of citizens in the U.S.  Though Thomas Jefferson is often incorrectly quoted as the author of an axiom about this, it is still true that an informed citizenry on historical matters is a crucial requisite for a democratic society. Evidence is abundant that it is time for U.S. citizenry to use their mentality and wake up to reality. For many, the past is a wasteland. One third of students consulted in a survey did not know that D-Day occurred during  World War II, and 15% thought it happened in Pearl HaRbor. Less than half knew that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president during the war. In April 2018,  41% could not identify Auschwitz as a Nazi concentration or extermination camp, and 66% of Millennials could not do so. More than 11% of adults, and 22% of Millennials, had not heard of the...(Read Full Article)