Tommy Robinson 'Disappears': Free Speech in England Is Dead

The arrest of British free speech activist Tommy Robinson has sent shockwaves across the Anglosphere.  The United Kingdom, once dedicated to the values of freedom, has taken a path toward authoritarian government and away from freedom.  The once great nation, which created the Magna Carta and once commanded an empire, is now the land of tyranny.  Unless the British people love their freedom enough and fight this injustice in fierce fashion, it will remain a land silenced by intimidation and fear. The authoritarian socialist government of the United Kingdom has been out to get Robinson for years on anything it can.  It has harassed, intimidated, arrested, and incarcerated Robinson, as it did last May, since it is now apparently a "crime" to report on the decades-long systematic rape of hundreds of non-Muslim children by gangs of Muslim men, who are now apparently a protected class of people.  Lizzie Dearden of the...(Read Full Article)