They Protest Because They Believe

What is going on?  Is the left going bonkers?  Mostly peaceful protesters blocked the ICE office in Portland, Oregon.  Protesters drove Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen out of a D.C. restaurant.  Woke young women everywhere are reciting the magic words "F--- Trump."  And then the mean-girl owner of a Virginia restaurant told presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders she didn't want her in her Meryl Streep clique and to get out of her restaurant, because transgender policy in the military. Let us leave aside my prediction that this is a replay of the sixties, when the left last thought the Progressive Millennium had arrived in the wake of civil rights and protesting the Vietnam War.  And then had its head handed to it. The fact is that leftism is a militant religion that wants to make war on its Satan and all his renegade angels in the nine circles of racist,...(Read Full Article)