The Hazards of Full-Bore Snowflake-Melting

To own the libs, or to not own the libs, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sit and take the abuse The slinged insults and the pointed ire of outrageous liberals, Or to take arms against a sea of troubled contradictions... Apologies for the poor Bard imitation (too many syllables).  But there's been a question floating around conservative internet commentary circles of late: how much of right-wing advocacy focuses on triggering leftists over making substantive philosophical points? In a profile piece for the The Atlantic on White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, reporter McKay Coppins recounts the rise of President Trump's wonky mischief-maker.  "Miller represents a rising generation of conservatives for whom 'melting the snowflakes' and 'triggering the libs' are first principles," Coppins writes.  "What happens when those right-wing trolls grow up to run the world?" he...(Read Full Article)