The Down-Under View of Donald Trump

New Zealand is one of those exotic countries on everyone's bucket list of places to visit.  It has friendly people, beautiful scenery, and a mystique made famous through Peter Jackson's movies – The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  The Kiwis are the best in the world in sailing and rugby.  Some might say "so what," since these sports aren't football or baseball, but for a country similar in size to Colorado in population and area, that is a remarkable sporting achievement. My family and I have had the privilege to live here for several years, and I still travel back a few times a year to work and teach, as I am doing at the time of this writing.  I enjoy talking politics with friends, colleagues, and patients, especially since I, as an American, am a slave of that crazy Trump guy.  It's fascinating to hear what people think of President Trump in a country far away from America, yet...(Read Full Article)