The Cost of College: Beating the System

On Oct. 14 last year at Steyn Online, Mr. Steyn ran a diverting little article on the 20-year-old flick “Good Will Hunting.” Not having screened the film, I probably wouldn’t have read the piece were it not for a tip from a reader; in this case a young stock trader who sent me the following quote, (the quote is so tasty I’ll plug the kid’s videos). Good Will Hunting, which I still haven’t screened, deals with the travails of a super-smart young man who is a janitor at M.I.T.: The loathing that the college maintenance staff feel for the professors is also well done, and there's a sharp scene where Will and a Harvard boy spar over Minnie Driver: "You just paid $150,000 for an education you could have got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the library." "True, but at the end of it I'll have a degree and you'll be serving my kids fries in the drive-thru on the way to our ski vacation." (Two decades on, a...(Read Full Article)