The Corruption of Science

As society’s leftist elites have turned away from God, they’ve tried to replace Him with science.  The success of science in curing diseases and providing the basis for technologies that enhance human life has led to people thinking that science has the answer to all our questions. The reality, however, is that not only is science restricted to explaining how things work, and hence totally unable to address issues of morality or the meaning of life, but that the modern oracles of the cult of science often lie about what science says. Science itself is nothing more than a process by which we can objectively determine how physical things work. To paraphrase Richard Feynman, the process of science starts with someone coming up with an idea of how to explain things, then predicting what should happen under certain circumstances, and then comparing the idea’s predictions with the results of experiments.  If the predictions match the data, then we say the...(Read Full Article)