The Corruption of Science

As society’s leftist elites have turned away from God, they’ve tried to replace Him with science.  The success of science in curing diseases and providing the basis for technologies that enhance human life has led to people thinking that science has the answer to all our questions.

The reality, however, is that not only is science restricted to explaining how things work, and hence totally unable to address issues of morality or the meaning of life, but that the modern oracles of the cult of science often lie about what science says.

Science itself is nothing more than a process by which we can objectively determine how physical things work. To paraphrase Richard Feynman, the process of science starts with someone coming up with an idea of how to explain things, then predicting what should happen under certain circumstances, and then comparing the idea’s predictions with the results of experiments.  If the predictions match the data, then we say the idea is correct.  If they don’t match, then the idea is wrong. 

Note that it doesn’t matter who supports the idea or who opposes it; the truth is established by repeatable objective experiments, not by personal authority.

Given that it would seem that science is incorruptible, because the results of experiments are supposed to be available for all to see.  However, just as most of Americans can’t fix their own cars, most Americans need someone to translate the esoteric jargon of science into something comprehensible.

But those modern oracles are human and suffer from all the defects of any American -- desire for power and money as well as a belief that their ideology is correct.  Hence, just like everyone else, scientists can lie to advance their own agenda, whether it be more funding or a change in the government’s policy on an issue.

When misrepresenting science, corrupted oracles attempt to leverage the good science has done to advance their own personal agenda.  This is bad because, as the motto of Cal Tech and the Bible says “The Truth shall set you free.” People whose view of reality is distorted by lies will often come to conclusions that hurt, not help them.

Here are a few examples of how science has been corrupted:

Social Darwinism:  The theory of evolution says that the fittest organisms survive and that less fit organisms die off.  That says nothing about the value of humans since science can’t address moral issues.  Unfortunately, many people extended the theory of evolution to human society, claiming that the “unfit” -- generally defined as those who aren’t like the person making the claim -- should not be allowed to breed and have children or even be allowed to live.  That society should control who has children so that the human race “improves.”

Not surprisingly, given the role Europeans and Americans had at the time that the theory of evolution appeared, the oracles told us that science said that we should have more Western white folk and fewer brown and yellow folk.  It also provided a veneer of science to cover the horrors of the Holocaust.

This is a corruption of science, because science never talked about the relative value of people; that was something the oracles added in because it supported their racism.

Evolution as a fact: If we look at all the data we have, evolution seems to be the best way to explain why the biosphere is as we see it today. However, since we can’t perform experiments on the past, we can’t actually know if God, or hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings who look like mice intervened.

While there is no contradiction between God using evolution to form the human body, but not our soul, and Christianity, as witnessed by the Catholic Church’s statements, nothing in science proves that it happened.  Hence saying that evolution “proves” that there is no God, which requires saying that evolution is an indisputable fact, is an invalid argument.

But because some of the oracles don’t like God they pretend evolution is on stronger footing than it is.

Transgenderism:  Science is clear that our sex is determined by our DNA.  Just as no amount of surgery or drugs will turn a person into a cat, or an elf, no amount of drugs and surgery can turn a man into a woman.

Yet scientists, or pseudoscientists like Bill Nye, either lie about this or stay silent because they want to advance an agenda.

When human life begins: Science is unequivocal; human life begins at conception when a genetically unique human being is formed. Yet scientists will either deny this or stay silent, because they want to support the right of a woman to kill her unborn daughter.

Nuclear Winter: Back when Ronald Reagan was trying to protect the U.S. from a Soviet first strike Carl Sagan advanced the idea that a very small Soviet attack only targeting U.S. ICBMs would end life on earth.  Scientists knew he was wrong but said nothing because they were against defending the U.S. from a Soviet strike due to their belief, based on the general leftist tilt of scientists, that the Soviet Union was more trustworthy than America.

Human Caused Climate Change:  People may be affecting the climate but as of now we don’t have any evidence of that. But we do know that the famous hockey stick diagram was bad science and we have reason to believe that the folks who made it deliberately concealed data that contradicted it.  We know that the only data set which is not constantly being changed shows a “pause” in warming and that all of the computer models have failed to accurately predict the consequences of increasing global CO2 levels.

But because prior to the whole global warming scaremongering climate scientists got hardly any funding and now they get huge amounts scientists have a good reason to lie.  Further, since scientists tend to be leftists, they’re all in on “protecting” the environment even if it means suffering for the poor in the Third World.

The final proof however that the oracles are lying to us about Global Warming… err Climate Change, is that the infamous Paris accords allowed India and China to massively increase their CO2 emissions. If the oracles truly believed their doomsday prophecies -- and if you look you’ll find that most scientists who say that mankind is causing global warming don’t think the warming will have catastrophic consequences -- then they couldn’t allow that, since it would lead to unimaginably horrible consequences. Given that the same folks who push massive taxes on the U.S. economy to thwart Climate Change don’t care about China and India’s massive CO2 increase it’s fairly safe to say that what motivates those folks is a desire to increase the power of government, not save the world.

Atheists are more altruistic than Theists: A study done on children supposedly showed that theist children are less charitable than atheist children. The problem was that there were no atheists in the sample population, only less theistic kids, the experiments core methodology didn’t actually test charity, and there was absolutely no basis for saying anything about the behavior of adult atheists.  But given that atheists count for about 50% of scientists, the study was treated as credible.

When evaluating people who are making claims about what science says, you should always look and see if they have ulterior motives. 

Contrary to leftist myth, scientists are just as human as anyone else and as such they can have conscious and unconscious biases.  If “science” supports advancing the leftist or atheist agenda, or will put lots of money into the scientist’s pockets odds are that truth may become a victim of support for the “greater good.”

Tom has a Ph.D. in physics and spent his career in research and as a rocket scientist.

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