The Big Lie: Leftists Care about Children

Leftists have a long history of exploiting children to advance the left's political agenda.  The most recent case is the left's screeching about the fact that when illegals are arrested for trying to sneak into the country, their children are separated from them. We know that leftists don't really care about this because it happened under Obama, and they said nothing.  It even happened under Bush, and they didn't complain about it then, either, even though they hated Bush.  Further, the children of American parents who are arrested for a crime are also temporarily separated from their parents.  After all, who would suggest that we put kids in an adult prison? In addition, we know that if those parents didn't try to sneak in, but requested asylum at one of the border crossings, they wouldn't be separated from their kids.  Finally, it's not an accident that what the leftists want is for any...(Read Full Article)