The Anti-Profiling Movement Is Killing Black Pedestrians

From time to time, the media tell the truth about issues that have a racial edge, usually by accident.  Such was the case in February of this year, when a local TV news crew visited a largely black St. Louis neighborhood to follow up on a hit-and-run incident. A speeding car had struck two ten-year-old boys and kept on going.  Local people were outraged.  School principal Stella Erondu told the reporter, "It's just like the wild, wild west.  Anyone can do whatever, drive however they want on these streets."  Other neighbors echoed her comments. The reporter on the scene had no reason to doubt the neighbors.  While he was there monitoring the intersection in question, an estimated 50 percent of the drivers blew right through the stop sign. Back at the studio, the news anchor expressed shock at the "blatant disregard for children, the laws, everything in this...(Read Full Article)