Terrorist Time Bombs in the Making

One of the most despicable things that the Arab world does to its children is to turn them into human bombs.  Propaganda in the form of songs is regularly broadcast on the Palestinian radio, The Voice of Palestine, as well as the Fatah-run TV station Awdah. The song's lyrics are as follows: Our Martyrs are convoys and our bones are mountains They don't surrender to the lowly We aren't deterred by imprisonment Palestine is etched on the heart of the fetus A proud Martyr in his mother's womb And the Arab state will remain ours – Arab, Arab Palestine We [hold] the rifles to our chests and our eyes are raised to you Our homes are trenches and our souls are the sacrifice for you O Jerusalem, you will not remain stolen. – "The First Direction of Prayer" by Syrian singer Assala Nasri Official P.A. radio station The Voice of Palestine, Feb. 3, 2018 Innocent Arab children are being...(Read Full Article)