On Vaping, the Trump Administration Is Offering Some Hope

Cigarette smoking is, far and away, the most dangerous consumer product ever invented.  Everyone knows that, but people still smoke.  The “20% Prevalence” theory, which has ruled the tobacco world for decades, holds that no matter what antismoking campaigns you try or how much you educate, smoking cessation stalls at around 20% of the population.       Public Health/Tobacco Ecosystem Most people making money from smoking seem quite happy with the 20% number.  Big Tobacco makes its money selling the cheaply manufactured cigarettes.  Big Pharma makes its money from expensive smoking cessation pills, nicotine gum/patches and even more expensive lung cancer treatment.  The U.S. government rakes in around $15 billion annually in cigarette taxes. States receive billions from the Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement pursuant to which Big Tobacco pays the states a percentage from the sales of their deadly wares in exchange for...(Read Full Article)