On the Financial 'Wisdom' of Attending Today's Colleges

If one wants prices to rise, get the government involved.  If you doubt that, then explain the roaring inflation in health care and college, where government is deeply entrenched.  For years, government has thrown money at higher education, and it has made attending college more and more expensive.  One of the main ways government pumps money into colleges is indirect: the guarantee of student loans.  Be that as it may, when one takes out any kind of loan, one needs to be clear about what happens if one can't pay it back.  You see, in bankruptcy court, student loan debt is treated differently from other types of debt. On June 18, Forbes ran "Can Student Loans Now Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?" by Zack Friedman.  This is a must-read article for anyone considering going into debt to attend college.  Friedman answers the question of his headline thus: "normally, student loans are not...(Read Full Article)