Considering Sainthood for GK Chesterton

We would all like to be, or to be considered, saints. Since saints are so few it's best to string along with good people who have faults. This is pertinent to a new case of possible canonization, the first British candidate for centuries, that is now the subject of controversy in Britain. The last British subjects to be canonized were Sir Thomas More, councilor to Henry VIII and Lord High Chancellor, and John Fisher, Cardinal and Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, both executed in 1535 and canonized by Pope Pius XI in May 1935. Credentials of a new candidate are now being examined. This will result from the report to be issued in July 2018 by Canon John Udris, former pastor and now director of a seminary. He was asked in 2013 by Peter Doyle, Bishop of Northampton, to compile a report on the famous writer G.K Chesterton, who had answered the prayers of infertile Catholic couples who wanted "miracle" children. Udris disarmingly sees Chesterton as a model...(Read Full Article)