Class Conflict on Campus

For many college students, their college years, which they hoped would be the door to financial success and a dream career, have become a dark nightmare of escalating debt.  Not as many doors are opening for them as they once imagined. The unemployment rate of college graduates has risen.  The bright future has been dimmed by the heavy weight of the numbers they see on their student loan repayment account. Student loan debt risen been out of control for the past ten years and continues to skyrocket.  Student loan debt now stands at $1.5 Trillion  and increases due to interest accumulation.  And since many college graduates are leaving college and not obtaining jobs with high salaries, this huge amount of debt can be career and life crushing.  For example, on person noted in a CNBC article saw his original student loan increase from the original $55,000 to over $300,000 today. In The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels wrote: “The...(Read Full Article)