Black America Walking Off the Cliff

For many years, I wondered why European Jews voluntarily marched into cattle cars to be shipped off to Nazi slaughterhouses.  How could they compliantly participate in their own destruction?  Why had so many lost the will to survive?  Or was it that so many thought their compliance would guarantee survival?  Some Jews thought not and fought to the death, like those in  the Warsaw ghettos, yet far too many didn't.  I always wondered why, until now. This aging Baby-Boomer can no longer dwell on past Jewish deadly compliance because I'm faced with the deadly compliance of people who look like me.  The words of George Santayana are unknown to the less informed masses of black America, but the intended lessons should have been learned long ago.  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Many of us forgot, and others never knew. Black Americans are not...(Read Full Article)