America's Europe Problem

What with President Trump blowing up the recently concluded G-7 summit in Canada, it is likely that the Europeans now know that Trump's 'Make America Great Again' rhetoric is not idle talk. This is a shock for Europe, especially with the G-7 meeting coming soon after America's imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs and its withdrawal from the Obama-Iran nuclear deal. It is hard for Europeans to believe that America is willing to depart from the script of the last 70 years. That script was basically that the United States would maintain international order at its own cost and allow its markets to be open to allies without the expectation that their markets would be equally open to American exports. Europe (and others) flourished under such treatment. Their defense expenditures were at bargain basement prices and the door to the massive U.S. market was open wide. America benefited, too, as such a strategy was needed to contain and ultimately defeat the...(Read Full Article)