A Pound of Flesh at the Speed of Justice

Americans are told they have the greatest system of justice system in the whole wide world. We’re told this, of course, by lawyers. Well, America should have the greatest system of justice on the planet if price has anything to do with it. The cost of justice, as in hiring a lawyer to look out for you, is especially irksome if one is subpoenaed by a special counsel, like Robert Mueller. The legal bills of folks like Michael Caputo can ruin a person; an innocent person might even plead guilty just to stop the mounting legal bills. If I were ever to appear before some Grand Inquisitor like Mueller and I knew I were innocent, I think I’d go pro se; i.e. not hire a lawyer and represent myself. Not only that, I wouldn’t bill myself anything, so it’d be pro bono as well as pro se. One of the problems with American justice is its speed. If the old maxim that “justice delayed is justice denied” is true, then contrary to what legal eagles will tell you,...(Read Full Article)