Women's Role in Female Oppression

A few months back, a friend shared a video on social media showing the frightening practice of "bride-napping."  It is still popular in various parts of the world, particularly in the former Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.  The friend's post included a tagline about how men kidnap women in many parts of the world and force them to marry. As I watched the video, it struck me that men alone were not engaged in the entrapment.  Female relatives actively assisted the "grooms."  The men would grab the women, and then a mob of female relatives would hold her hostage in a room to force her into the ceremony through a chaotic mix of threats and sweet, cajoling voices. A Western feminist might argue that the women do this under male pressure.  But why presume that a groom's mother, eager for a daughter-in-law to take over the housework and provide her with grandchildren in her old age, would not...(Read Full Article)