Who Are the Real Warmongers?

"Trump's decision yesterday brings us one step closer to that war you've dreamed about."  So wrote a leftist friend since college in an email he sent to me following President Trump's decision to abrogate former president Obama's nuclear surrender to Iran (called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).  Although he didn't use the exact word, the term "warmonger" just about jumps off the page.  It is an accusation frequently made by those on the left to attack those who believe that self-defense begins with recognizing real dangers and taking appropriate actions to neutralize them. But is it true?  Are those who support the president's decision to assign the Obama surrender to the wastebasket of history really warmongers? To answer that question, we need to look at the motives of those who support the termination of Obama's surrender.  Were they interested in militarily defeating...(Read Full Article)