Transactional Transgenderism

There's a new book out: When Harry Became Sally – Responding to the Transgender Moment, by Ryan T. Anderson, which is one of the first rational (which is to say "conservative") looks at what I call "transactional transgenderism" that I've come across.  This book was reviewed – and the author interviewed – in National Review, and that interview got me thinking.  Mine is a lowercase-"l" libertarian philosophy, which is different from the uppercase-"L" Libertarian Party philosophy.  That libertarian philosophy suggests that as long as people don't hurt others by acting on their beliefs – or as long as they don't try to impose their beliefs on others – those people (i.e., all of us) ought to be free to be and do – and especially to believe – what they want.  That libertarian philosophy is why I don't care which sex individuals think is...(Read Full Article)