The Protocols of the Elders of Spydom

When we talk about the failed coup attempt by the intelligence services in America, there are two storylines.  One is the television version, the version that is openly propagandistic.  But the second storyline, the truthful one, is also discernible.  This one manifests itself immediately, as soon as a person turns off the TV and begins to think independently.  Therefore, we will have to talk about two parallel storylines of a single plot.  We will conventionally and befittingly call them Left and Right. The view from the Left: Putin has gravely serious dirt on Trump relating to Trump's sexual adventures in Russia.  The view from the Right: Putin has no compromising goods on Trump, since all the information about Trump's adventures is concocted at the request of Trump's political opponent, Hillary Clinton.  It was Hillary who used her campaign money to pay for firms that fabricated the "Russian...(Read Full Article)