The Grotesque Spectacle of Michelle Goldberg Throwing Up Her Hate

If you follow New York newspapers, which I do as someone who grew up there, a key question the last day or two was who was more offensive, bigoted, ignorant and disgusting concerning the American embassy opening and the violence on the Gaza border with Israel:  Michelle Goldberg, a New York Times columnist , or the people who  prepare the front page headlines in the New York Daily News? Take your pick: the Daily News or Goldberg. Photo credit: YouTube screen grab I vote for Goldberg.  It is hard to know where to begin to unpack her lies and deceptions, but let’s try a few. Goldberg: This spectacle (the embassy opening), geared toward Donald Trump’s Christian American base, coincided with a massacre about 40 miles away. Since March 30, there have been mass protests at the fence separating Gaza and Israel. Gazans, facing an escalating humanitarian crisis due in large part to an Israeli blockade, are demanding the right to return to...(Read Full Article)