Larry Kudlow Defying Critics, Cleaning House

Larry Kudlow, who took over as director of the National Economic Council (NEC) after Gary Cohn's departure last month, is so far demonstrating extraordinary leadership in being able to reconcile the disparate factions within the Trump administration, all the while promoting growth-centered policies that would only strengthen an economy already in its best shape in years. Naturally, Mr. Kudlow's transition to his current role was made easier by inheriting an economy rejuvenated by one of the largest across-the-board tax cuts and reforms in modern American history.  Unemployment has reached its lowest point in nearly two decades; wages are up categorically; a moribund manufacturing sector is beginning to show signs of wholesale recovery; and labor participation, though still a far cry from where it should be, is nonetheless moving in a positive direction. These measures, coupled with the continued slashing of regulations that in large part artificially retarded...(Read Full Article)