Karl Marx at 200: His Lethal Legacy Lingers

In his name, over 100 million people were murdered.  May 5, 2018 marks Karl Marx's 200th birthday, and his profound errors still smolder and threaten new conflagrations. Marx was born into a Europe transforming into a modern, industrial society.  Individuals were leaving ancestral villages and farms for growing cities and their seemingly dehumanizing factories.  Incredible wealth was being created, but would the factory workers benefit from their labors?  What did the future of this emerging new world hold? History as class conflict Marx posed as a "scientific socialist," explaining the past and prophesying the future. Marx was a radical materialist.  He asserted that history is a class conflict based on economic forces.  People's ideas, what Marx called "phantoms of their brains," are not the drivers of our destinies.  We are simply the pawns of the factors of production...(Read Full Article)