Jonah's 'Suicide': There Is a Better Way

One of the common themes you encounter in the comments section of conservative online media is the notion that conservatives are rational and liberals are emotional.  Dennis Prager does a bit of that here, and Jonah Goldberg makes the same point frequently in his new Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy. Jonah argues for Lockean individualism and reason and against Rousseau's appeal to the tribalism of the General Will and the Romantic movement and the left that followed on.  Oh, and he also rails against Trump's tribalism of populist nationalism.  That's the way I used to think, too, until I read FSC Northrop's Meeting of East and West and this gem: The primary thing to keep in mind about German and Russian thought since 1800 is that it takes for granted that the Cartesian, Lockean or Humean scientific and philosophical conception of...(Read Full Article)