Is Your State Restricting Your Ability to Support Candidates?

Raising money is nobody's favorite part of campaigns, but everyone knows it has to be done.  In order for voters to have a choice on Election Day, candidates need to organize – and fund – competitive campaigns.  The costs pile up quickly when you're paying for transportation, lodging, meals, advertising, and perhaps even staff and office space. If candidates don't raise the money, someone else will take advantage.  After all, no state can prevent a wealthy person from spending as much as he likes promoting candidates through super-PACs and media outlets, or self-funding as a candidate.  Yet, while wealthy interests have a free hand, candidates and political parties are heavily restricted in most states. A new report by the Institute for Free Speech grades the states on political giving freedom and offers the clearest picture to date of how states limit contributions to candidates, political parties, and...(Read Full Article)