Hillary's Premonition

The facts emerging in the ongoing investigations into the apparent abuses of the FISA warrant process by the Democrats to spy on Donald Trump raise grave questions about those involved.  The outline taking shape is of a well orchestrated plot to elect Hillary Clinton and, failing that, to delegitimize Donald Trump's presidency.  The conspirators involved in this effort to subvert our Republic used the legal and technological apparatus of the state, as well as outside smear merchants, in their effort.  One question that arises is what should happen to those found guilty of participating in such a plot.  And in hindsight, we should ask ourselves if Hillary Clinton telegraphed her own concern over her fate during the presidential campaign. On September 7, 2016, Hillary took part in an interview with then-NBC host Matt Lauer in something called the "Commander-in-Chief Forum."  Lauer asked Clinton some apparently unexpected...(Read Full Article)