Ensuring Internet Free Speech

Conservatives are being attacked by Google, Facebook, and Twitter (GFT).  Those monopoly platforms are using their power to squash speech that the rich coastal liberals who work at and run those companies don't like. The evidence is clear, from Google assistants attacking Breitbart, Diamond and Silk being censored, and the use of highly biased "fact-checkers" like Snopes to define what is and isn't fake news.  GFT are weaponizing their monopolies to deny the free flow of information and to baselessly malign voices they don't like while shielding politicians they do like from the truth. Some conservatives, in all likelihood mostly NeverTrumps, are saying that because GFT are private companies, they don't have to allow free speech.  However, the reality is that GFT are monopolies.  There is no way that some third party could show up and suddenly dethrone any of the GFT members.  To argue that...(Read Full Article)