Does the 'Final Solution' Live On by Proxy?

Last month's anti-Semitic beating in Berlin of a yarmulke-wearing, 21-year-old Arab-Israeli student who was testing for himself whether hatred of Jews was rising in Germany prompts questions.  Namely, 75 years after the Holocaust, are Jews safe in Deutschland, and how committed is the German government to protecting its Jewish citizens? When Hitler rose to power in 1933, 500,000 Jews lived in Germany.  Today, only 100,000 reside there, and Jewish leaders have warned Jews not to wear kippot to avoid being attacked.  Felix Klein, recently appointed by Chancellor Angela Merkel to deal with the surge in anti-Semitism, admits that "Germany has a problem with hatred of Jews."  He adds that regardless of the refugee influx, "around 20% of Germans hold anti-Semitic views, a statistic that has remained stable for years and has never gone."   Germany's modern-day incarnation of anti-Semitism exists...(Read Full Article)