Where Are Social Conservatives to Go?

The recent defeat in Wisconsin of a conservative state Supreme Court candidate and the warning issued by Governor Walker ought to be a wake-up call to Trump and the RINO leadership in Congress.   Gallup reports that more than one third of Americans are self-defined "social conservatives," a large percentage of the population that is essential for any conservative or Republican electoral victory.  Historically, conservatism has been viewed as a three-legged stool:  social conservatives, fiscal (or economic) conservatives, and national security conservatives.  In fact, these three groups have little in common except a rejection of leftism.  Leftism, by contrast, because it is a soulless and unthinking brute, can be held together with nothing more than a common lust for power and status.  Contradictions within leftism are therefore as irrelevant as the banner in 1984's Ministry of Truth: "War is...(Read Full Article)